Hingham. February 20, 2021

Day/Date: 2/20/21
Town visited: Hingham
Had you ever been to this town before? Yes

What did we do in the town? We have been to Hingham before and we will be here again but today we visited our friend, Amy, in Hingham and since she lives close to Bare Cove Park, we decided that this is where we will walk and explore and and take in the views.

This place is always beautiful- simply walking down to the water and back is refreshing but there are many more sweet walks that branch off from the main paved pathway. This place is also a wildlife sanctuary and so seeing egrets, heron, osprey, gulls and more is common.

It was a cold day so our walk was brisk. There were several folks out walking dogs or just peacefully getting out for their day’s walk.

We went to Muang Thai restaurant for a bite to eat before heading home.

This was a pretty limited visit to Hingham and we know we’ll come back to discover even more of this beautiful place.
(see our Weymouth visit post on Nov. 6, 2021 – we re-visited Hingham on that day)

Indigenous/ Native land info for Hingham- Home of the Massa-chussett and Wampanoag tribes

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