Canton. May 21, 2022

Day/Date:  SATURDAY -5/21/22
Town visited:  Canton
Had you ever been to this town before? Yes – briefly
Drive to 1st town:  23 miles    Time spent in town:   3 1/2 hours

What did we do in the town/area?  

CANTON:  What we’ve deemed as The Bird Town 
Our journey to Canton today was chill and a lovely day to be outside. We looked up a couple of destinations online before heading out and learned of a Mass Audubon place with a Wildlife Sanctuary and Bird Art Museum. We read that a woman named Mildred Morse Allen* donated her land to preserve the 121 acres of property that she always deemed as a wildlife sanctuary. Mildred was also an artist and a filmmaker. Before heading to the Sanctuary, we visited the Town Hall, and just across the street was the Canton Public Library. We decided to pop into the library, knowing that they had a few of Ms. Allen’s bird paintings on exhibit somewhere in the library. We found them on the lower floor, and they were beautiful!

When we arrived at the Museum of American Bird Art and the Mildred Morse Allen* Wildlife Sanctuary, we were excited to walk the trails and enjoy the little gardens there. Sadly, even though it was a Saturday in May, the museum building was closed, which was disappointing. But there was plenty to do just taking in the grounds and walking the two-mile loop trail. We heard so many bird songs during our walk, including a red-headed woodpecker. We also spotted a small pond with a bunch of frogs hanging around the edge—Aaah, nature.

We both wanted a little “pick-me-up” after our walk, so we headed over to the Alchemist Baker (a bakery on Washington St.) and got a watermelon, hibiscus iced tea for Jenny, an iced coffee for Jo, and a macaroon to share. The woman who helped us with our order was so lovely, and when we asked where she likes to eat nearby, she recommended the Takara restaurant (for sushi) and Amber Rose Cafe (for breakfast). We didn’t end up going to either of those places, but we are glad to note it for later or for you if you plan to have a meal in Canton! And just so you know, we enjoyed our treats very much. Jenny especially liked the tea.

Our next stop was the Tilden House, a farm and house owned and managed by the Canton Conservation Commission, built almost 300 years ago. The beautifully preserved red house abutted the Pequitside Farm. There were walking trails nearby that were picturesque and very lush. We walked up to the community gardens area and back through a cut grassy path. 

Lastly, we stopped by the Eleanor Bradley Cabot Estate. We have been to this estate a few times before, and we enjoy it every time. It features a stately home, beautiful gardens, and walking trails around the property, all managed by the Trustees. Unfortunately for us, a wedding event was about to start so we couldn’t view the gardens or tour the house. It is understandable, though, for it is a beautiful spot for a wedding! 

Fun Fact: Greta Gerwig’s 2019 version of the movie Little Women was filmed at the Bradley Estate. It was the site of Aunt March’s house.

*Mildred Morse Allen 1903-1989

Indigenous/ Native land info for this region: Massachusett, Wampanoag, Pokanoket

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