Bellingham. June 2, 2022

Day/Date:  THURSDAY -6/2/222
Town visited:  BELLINGHAM
Had you ever been to any of these towns before? No 
Drive to 1st town:  37 miles   Time spent in town:   2 1/2 hours

What did we do in the town/area?  
This evening, we planned to go to a trivia night that our friend started hosting in an awesome brewery in Franklin called 67 degrees (you should check them out), so we thought we’d leave early and get in another town visit! Since we have already visited Franklin for this project (remember the ladybugs and the Franklin library?), we decided on a neighboring town called Bellingham.

Our first stop was to find out where the independent coffee store is (of course). The only shop we found that wasn’t a chain was “The Perfect Blend.” Come to find out, they aren’t a coffee shop, but they have protein shakes, interesting teas, and some coffee-infused drinks. The women who worked there (Maggie and Jen) were so nice and friendly, giving us a few suggestions of things to do in Bellingham. We tried some delicious teas, fruity blends with collagen. Also to note, the store was women-owned, as were most of the stores in the section of the strip mall (the Plaza at Bellingham Commons) nearby. Only one store was a big chain, which was nice to see.

In fact, there were A LOT of strip malls in Bellingham and many Dunkin’ Donuts. Plus, there was quite a bit of traffic for a town of only 17,000 people. We think this is because it is just off of highway 495.  

Upon their suggestion, we headed to find the SNETT – the ‘Southern New England Trunkline Trail’. This is a rail trail that runs 23 miles from Franklin to Douglas. We walked a bit of it and even found a parallel path in the woods. We even saw a few lady slippers along the path. We would love to return to explore more of this trail and see what it has to offer!

While driving, we saw signs for ‘Silver Lake’ and decided to take a detour and see what was there. This lovely little spot had a person-made lake which, we learned, was initially built by damming a nearby river to have water to power a family’s cotton mill. It later became a “go-to” destination with a carousel, dance hall, and a skating rink. But now, it has a simpler vibe with the lake, some brought-in sand, some swing sets, picnic tables, and a nice playground for kids that even includes a water splash section. We walked around and thought about how nice it was that this was here for the town residents.

Since we were near the Rhode Island border, we felt a strong need to find a marking for it, so we passed into Woonsocket, RI. Another border town! This means that thus far, we have hit all the bordering states – NH, VT, RI, CT, and NY!

Lastly, we backtracked a bit to take a picture of Town Hall, which was a nice one (part of the area was currently under construction) in an old area that used to be the town common. There were some other, newish buildings there as well as a really old, very small public library that is now home to the Bellingham Historical Society.  

From here, it was off to Franklin for some food, some beer (for Jenny), and some trivia! 

Indigenous/ Native land info for this region: Nipmuc, Pokanoket

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