Haverhill. July 9, 2022

Day/Date:  SATURDAY -7/9/22
Town visited:  Haverhill 
Had you ever been to any of these towns before? No 
Drive to 1st town:  45 miles    Time spent in town:    6 hours

What did we do in the town/area?  
HAVERHILL:  (Queen Slipper City: A place with Sole)

It was the perfect day for a town visit. When we decided that we were going to go to Haverhill, two things immediately came to our minds – visiting the Museum of Printing and visiting our friends Kara and Stephen. They recently bought a home in Haverhill.

Of course, we researched a few other places of interest in the town and learned about a brand new coffee shop called The Roasted Coffee Bar, so we decided that it would be our first stop of the day.

This cute place, which a group of friends started, not only offers delicious coffee they also have some fun sandwich items on their menu like ‘The Land of Milk & Honey,’ which consists of buttermilk fried chicken on a biscuit with locally made honey, stone ground mustard, and pickles. I mean, Yum.

After stuffing our faces, we headed to the midtown area for a glance at the City Hall (yeah, Haverhill is one of the fifty cities in MA). Along the way, we noticed a few statues of slipper-style shoes. It turns out that some of these sculptures were designed to be whimsical benches and are known as the “Soles of Haverhill.” Their purpose is to celebrate Haverhill’s shoe manufacturing and design history! In there early 1900s, 1/10 of the shoes made in the US were made here. Pretty cool. We saw at least 4 of these fun statues while driving through the city throughout the day, and we managed to capture pictures of some of them.

Next, we were off to the Museum of Printing. This place is located in a warehouse in a residential neighborhood. The museum is unique. Exhibits that display many types of printing presses, typecast molds, wood block engraving tools, old typewriters, letterpresses, and computers reveal so much about the history of printing. There is also a library with thousands of books that are printing-themed. This place was created with a true passion for preserving the history of graphic arts and typesetting technology, and you can feel that from beginning to end.

After we explored the museum, we called Kara and Stephen and said we were on our way. They greeted us with open arms, and we sat on the porch of their lovely new house, recounting stories of the past year. It was so, so nice to catch up. Their neighborhood was sweet and close to the Bradford Common/Historic District, which has the classic New England green, gazebo, and church. This town Common, established in 1649 in the town known then as “Bradford”, was designed as a way to bring people together in the center of town. 

Once we said our goodbyes to Stephen and Kara, we headed to a park called Winnekenni Park- a large 700-acre conservation area and park with a castle built on it. Much of that acreage is taken up by Kenoza Lake- a pretty large body of water with lots of walking trails nearby. 

We parked our car and walked up to the castle, where an event was wrapping up. We walked a bit on a trail but found ourselves tired and hungry, so we decided to pick up some food to take home for dinner. At the suggestion of our friends, we went to the Chicken Connection. We were hoping for a rotisserie chicken, but, alas, they had sold out a bit earlier, and there was a 45-minute wait for more. So, we ordered a chicken pot pie and a pulled pork sandwich and headed home. We gobbled up our town visit goodies at home and recounted our lovely day. (Cue Bill Withers)

Fun Facts: Haverhill is where the very first Macy’s store opened.
The Archie Comic characters were based on the Haverhill High School friends of the comic creator Bob Montana.

Indigenous/ Native land info for this region: Pawtucket, Pennacook, Wabanaki, Pentucket, Abinaki

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