Bolton. July 31, 2022

Day/Date:  SUNDAY -7/31/22
Town visited:  Bolton
Had you ever been to this town before? Not really
Drive to this town:  25 miles    Time spent in town:   3 1/2 hours

What did we do in the town/area?  
Our first activity for the day today was a hike in some of Bolton’s Conservation lands. We parked off Rte 117 at the Lime Kiln Conservation area and did the 2-3 mile loop hike from Harris Farm to Rattlesnake Hill. We found this loop on our handy dandy ALL TRAILS APP and have to say that because there are many trails in this conservation lands area, we had to rely on the map in our hands to ensure that we didn’t get off track. The walk itself was nice and quiet. We saw one guy walking his dog and two men mountain biking, and other than that, it was mellow. The wooded area was cool on what was turning out to be a pretty hot day. The first part of the trail had information posts detailing the types of trees, and one even included information about an old mill that was in the area long ago. After that, it was simply an enjoyable trek in the woods with a few twists and turns and ups and downs.

After our hike, we headed towards the town’s common, where, per usual, we took note of the Town Hall and the library. The library, built in the English Tudor Revival style in 1903, was lovely. We also drove by the Nashoba Valley Regional High school, which had a pizza shop conveniently located right across the street. Ha!

Hoping to score some fresh peaches (’tis the season) and hungry for lunch, we headed to the Bolton Orchards Market, a farmstead market grocery store. They also had a deli with made-to-order sandwiches, which was just what we had wanted. Jenny was over the moon to be able to order a liverwurst sandwich. We also took home some fresh blueberries, corn, apples, and peaches. Yum! This time of year is so special when all of the fresh produce becomes ready. 

Bolton is a right-to-farm community, so we thought we’d see if there were other farms nearby. There are quite a few! We visited the Nicewicz Farm, a 3rd generation family farm currently run by four brothers. They grow and sell apples, peaches, nectarines, apricots, pears, plums, blueberries, corn, assorted vegetables, and flowers. We met Ken at the farmstand; such a friendly and kind man. We found out they come to our farmer’s market in Newton during the summer! We bought some cherry tomatoes, more corn, and a cucumber.

Not far from the farm is Nashoba Valley Winery. It is a beautiful spot on a hill, with many tables where you can sit out and enjoy a bottle of wine and some food from their restaurant. They have a store full of fruit wines (apple, plum, berry) and your typical grape wines. Because, in general, she is not thrilled with fruit wines (too sweet), Jenny picked up a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. 

All in all, Bolton is a beautiful small town (of about 5000 people) with lots of farms, orchards, and a winery! We enjoyed our afternoon visit and all of our “town visit food.”

Indigenous/ Native land info for this region: Pawtucket, Nipmuc, Agawam

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