Dover. September 16, 2022

Day/Date:  THURSDAY -9/16/22
Towns visited:  Dover
Had you ever been to any of this towns before?  No 
Drive to the town:  11 miles    Time spent in town:   6 hours

What did we do in the town of Dover? 
We must have entered the town center of Dover five times today when all was said and done.  It turns out eight other towns surround this town, and there is a little bit of something in every direction! The first thing we did here, in the town center, was checked out the town hall and library, of course.

Then we headed off for a hike in the Trustee’s Noanet Woodlands. We chose the Peabody Loop to Noanet Peak, which had a few rocky and steep parts. But it was worth it as it led us to a large flat rock at the top with a pretty sweet view that included a glimpse of the Boston skyline nestled within the treetops. 

Next, we headed to some of the town’s historic sites like Fisher Barn, a reconstructed building from 1777 representing Dover’s agricultural history. The barn is right next to the Caryl Farm Museum, a Georgian-style, 18th-century home once owned by the area’s first minister. The museum was closed, so all we managed to get here was a picture.

Since Dover is one of the wealthiest towns in MA, we drove around a bit just checking out the homes, the farms (several horse farms) and the landscape. 

Hungry from our hike and explorations, we decided to head back to the town center and eat in one of the only lunch spots we could find, The Dover Cafe Deli & Pizza. They had little tables outside, so we ordered some sandwiches and sat outside, right across from Town Hall. While waiting for our sandwiches (they were yummy by the way), we chatted with two men who had been out cycling together. They were super friendly and told us about some other rail trails they knew about in the state.

After our lunch, we headed to Powisset Farm, a Trustee’s farm with a CSA, trails, barnyard animals, a barn with a farm store, an area for cooking classes, and even some little play structures for kids. We were so pleased with the products they sold from many local businesses, so we purchased a few Pigeon Cove kombuchas, some homemade vegetable soup made on the farm, some POP ZUP popcorn, and some coffee from Dean’s Beans. This place was so lovely. We walked the 1.5-mile Meadow loop trail. It was a flat walk around the community CSA gardens into the grassy hayfield with picturesque views of the barn silo and one lone tree with a mighty presence.

After our walk, we visited the barnyard area with pigs, goats, and sheep. We sat in Adirondack chairs, snacked on some Maple Cinnamon Toast Popcorn, and took in the beauty. We really enjoyed our late-Summer day in this beautiful town.

Indigenous/ Native land info for this region: Wampanoag, Pokanoket, Massachusett

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