Yarmouth. September 25, 2022

Day/Date:  SUNDAY -9/25/22
Town visited:  Yarmouth
Had we ever been to any of this town before? Yes
Drive to 1st town:   78 miles   Time spent in town:   6 hours

What did we do in the town/area?  YARMOUTH:
We had often been to Yarmouth, as our friends used to live here. But, after today’s adventures, we realized there was so much more to see and do than we had in the past!

First stop: coffee, of course! We were excited to see what Old King’s Coffeehouse had brewing. We also needed to pick up some lunch for the day and read that the turkey BLT was good, and they were right! The coffee was delicious (they work with a roaster out of Maine to produce blends, especially for them) too!

Next, we headed to the Yarmouth Conservation Commission’s Horse Pond for a lovely hike in the woods and by a small pond. The vegetation was so different here from many of the other wooded areas we have been to recently because these plants, trees, and bushes can grow in sand or a sand/dirt combination. We noticed many of these tiny plants growing in the sand on the pond’s edge that looked like little white balls or tufts of cotton. Upon some research, we learned that they are called “common pipewort.” 

Then, we drove to Sea Gull Beach, a lovely little beach near where the Parker River enters the ocean. This beach is on the south side of Cape Cod, on Nantucket Sound. We saw some folks kite surfing on this windy day. They looked like they were having a blast! We tried to visit a little peninsula we saw on the map that juts out off the south coast near here, but it was “private” and even had a guard on duty and a gate.  

Yarmouth is home to the Whydah Pirate Museum, so we had to take a peak. Although we didn’t spend the time or money to tour it, we did meet a nice guy outside with a hook for an arm and a wooden leg (see picture). They have a cute gift shop, too.

On our obligatory visit to Town Hall (not the most beautiful we have seen), we discovered a sand sculpture out front. Reading the sign next to it, we noticed it was part of the 2022 Yarmouth Sand Sculpture Trail, an annual display of sand art creations. This summer event in Yarmouth has been going on for over 11 years. The artist, Sean Fitzpatrick, with his company, Fitzysnowman, worked to create 32 of these small sand sculptures all over town. Then, he sprays them with a sealant so that they can make it through the rain. But, as we witnessed, some can’t seem to make it through without being poked at by small children!  

We stopped for a 2nd coffee at small Caffee Gelato Bertini as we noticed they had a sculpture outside. We also found another sand sculpture (which was our favorite) outside the Cultural Center across from the tiny and cute South Yarmouth Library.

Driving around, we also discovered the Judah Baker Windmill (built-in 1791) near a part of town where the Bass River (another tidal river) flows into the ocean.  

Another exciting gem of Yarmouth is the Edward Gorey House and Museum. Edward Gorey was a writer, costume designer, and artist, most known for his pen-and-ink drawings that were a bit creepy. Jenny remembers the opening to the PBS show Mystery, which featured his drawings in their intro. He nicknamed his house “The Elephant House.” We don’t really know why!

Our next stop was the Taylor Bray Farm, a non-profit farm that has been a working farm since the 1600s. And there is much archeological evidence of Native American presence here 10,000 years ago! We visited with the animals (goats, cows, sheep, chickens) and ventured down the boardwalk that led out into the marsh. We enjoyed our short time here; it was sweet, and we would definitely like to return for a festival or any other event they may have.

Our last stop was in Yarmouth Port, the part of Yarmouth that is “bayside,” along Cape Cod Bay. Gray’s Beach is here, along with a beautiful 1/4 mile boardwalk that sits over the marsh. The marsh grasses were starting to turn a slight yellow and orange, offering a beautiful sight. It is stunning and a site you would not want to miss in this town.

We loved our day in Yarmouth and could have spent even more time here!

Indigenous/ Native land info for this region: Nauset, Wampanoag

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