We’re visiting every single town in MA!

Welcome friends! We’re Jo & Jenny: just your average married couple who like to be outside a lot. We created this blog site to share with you our little quest. We endeavor to visit every single one of Massachusetts cities and towns. There are 50 cities and 301 towns in MA and starting in January 2021, we plan to visit them all (even if we’ve been there before) and learn at least one thing about the town and have some kind of experience there. There are no rules (ok, well maybe we have a couple of rules like we have to be together and we have to “do” or “visit” something in the town.) We are not travel guides. We are just 2 women trying to do what we can to survive these covid times and make the most out of all the restrictions placed on us. Plus, we get to color in this homemade map once we’ve visited a town. So, if you are so inspired, follow along with us! We live in a beautiful state. And we plan on discovering a whole lot.

Each post will represent the town or towns we visited on that day. Read one, read two or read them all. Whatever suits your fancy. Mostly, we hope to inspire you to explore and find awe in the little things. Click on Town Visits at the top of the page to start reading our posts! And.. you can click the blue box that says “follow massachusetts 351” to sign up to be notified when we post our future town visits. We’ve also added a page about coffee roasters in MA in case you are interested in that! (we sure are 🙂 )

With love and adventure,
-Jo and Jenny

(town visit video!)

Have a suggestion of a cool place for us to visit? Send us an email with your idea!
Contact us at: jokgray @gmail

More about us…. Jenny is an accountant and bookkeeper working for a women-owned small hardware store business. She has been tap dancing since she was 2 years old and loves reading, riding her bike and taking dynamic movement classes called gaga people.

Jo has been a massage therapist since 1997 and has been a small business owner as well. Together, Jenny and Jo ran Inman Oasis in Cambridge before its closing in 2020 due to the pandemic. Jo has started back doing massage in a small private practice in Arlington (jkgmassage.square.site) and works as a consultant for a few small businesses. Jo also loves playing boggle (well, games in general), cooking up stews & soups and getting her hands on different projects here and there.