Truro. July 28, 2022

Day/Date:  THURSDAY -7/28/22
Town visitedTruro
Had you ever been to this town before? Yes
Drive to 1st town:  120 miles   Time spent in town:  6.5 hours

What did we do in the town/area?  
TRURO – Truro is a beach town on the “outer cape” which is located in between the towns of Wellfleet and Provincetown, the northernmost tip of Cape Cod. (in the imagery of Cape Cod looking like an arm, think of Provincetown as the hand and Truro and Wellfleet as the forearm) It is pretty narrow, so it is easy to explore the bay side as well as the ocean side. Over half of the area of the town is part of the Cape Cod National Seashore and there are a total of 11 beaches in Truro.

Today was a beautiful day to hit the Cape, and we were lucky to have an excuse to bop down there for the day. Our dear friends the Korfinweggers (well, that’s our nickname for them), from New York, are on vacation and, every year they come, we visit. So, we hit the road early and drove down to Truro. Our friend, Amy, who resides in Hingham, joined us too.

On our way to the beach where we were to meet our friends, we took a detour to visit the “downtown” area, which consists of the Town Hall, an old church, and a library nearby. 

Since Truro is mainly a beach town, being on the beach is pretty much how we spent our day. We met our friends at the Head of the Meadow beach in North Truro. Head of the Meadow beach is on the ocean side of cape cod. Parking costs a whopping $25 now, but for the day, it’s worth it. It was high tide when we arrived, which means the water was colder, so we had to get ourselves warmed up in the sun before getting in. But, eventually, we did get in, and it was super refreshing! 

We spent several hours with our friends soaking up this beautiful summer day. It was so wonderful and it truly felt like a respite from daily life.

When it came time to pack up and say goodbye, Jenny and I decided to head over to another town beach on the other side of Truro (the bay side) called Corn Hill Beach. We knew our HOTM pass would get us in (though it was free after 4 pm anyway), so we thought we’d check it out. Wow! This beach was beautiful, and the water was less cold and easier to swim in. We got in the water and floated around for about 30 minutes. It was awesome!

After that, we drove to a grocery store/sandwich shop called Jams Truro, hoping to get a snack or something for the ride home. This place is located by the Pamet River, which flows right into the ocean. We arrived at Jams Truro at 5:15 pm only to discover that they closed at 5 pm.(womp, womp) So we explored the area a bit and then moved on. There was a sweet little park across the street. Since we didn’t see any other restaurants from that point along Rte 6, we got a bite to eat in Wellfleet before heading home.

Hanging at the beach, in Truro, with friends, is an absolutely wonderful way to spend the day. We highly recommend it!

Indigenous/ Native land info for this region: Wampanoag, Nauset

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